About me

rimvydas ardickas video production


name: Rimvydas Ardickas

email: rimvydasardickas@gmail.com

phone no.: +37065418262

location: Verkių g. 48B, Kaunas, Lithuania

social: Instagram & Facebook


Every video project is a story. It’s not just carefully arranged shots, it’s a special event from start to end. Stories about you, about moments, about life… The transmission of emotions or a breathtaking action, the subtlety of feelings, or gushing energy. All stories deserve to be saved.
My goal as a video creator is to allow the viewer not only to see but also to feel the story, to become a participant in the Here and Now. Whether it’s a holiday by the sea or a business presentation, each idea can be turned into a unique composition. Attention to detail, vision fulfillment, original solutions. I will go into every project as if on a journey, taking with me the positive energy that is my driving force. I only go forward, following one rule – to give 100% of my enthusiasm, thoughts, and strength to each project. This is how visions turn into reality and your stories into shots that take you to another place and time.